Schulman Wins Triton Jeju Short Deck Event

There are many interesting stories as far as poker is concerned as many have topped the platform without knowing the technicalities of the game in depth. Well, 25th July was one such day as Nick Schulman won at the Triton Super High Roller Series Jeju 2018. Schulman has prior experience in the trending game and made his first appearance. He won several hearts as he won the game by outlasting 61 entries to earn HKD 2,135,000 first prize. Schulman indeed has a natural skill to play any game that he chooses to pick up.

The game just seemed to be lucky for this winner as he said he doesn’t know how the game is actually supposed to be played. However, every time he plays more of all in and starts to win every single one, which is wonderful. Schulman returned to make it for the final day with just the 10th stack. As he moved his chips at the center in a hand opposite to Ivan Leow, nobody imagined that he would make it to victory. The player had 9-1 chip lead against Kenneth Kee although Kee was consistent in the game throughout the tournament. Kee did manage to reach the final battle with no major hurdles. He got his first to bounce back, but that didn’t suffice. As a result, Schulman made it and defeated Kee.

It was a great run of Nick Schulman, the short deck first timer as he bagged a huge chunk of money. With four more poker tournaments taking place in Triton Super High Roller Series 2018, Schulman will soon be in action to take part in a few of them at least. After winning the tournament, he said he would take a break to get over the jet-lag feeling. Schulman did show his playing tricks and impressed the crowd within a short span of time.

Poker Masters Lead By Fedor Holz $100K NLHE And Sontheimer Makes Fourth Final Table Of Series

The Event #5: $100,000 NLHE of Poker Masters drew 36 players, and it created a prize pool of $3.6 million.

And that means the top six finishing players will get a minimum prize amount of $180,000, whereas the winner will take away the prize amount of $1,512,000.

In the event Fedor Holz is leading the pack and has bagged up 1,471,000. And the players who are there in the event with a good number of stalks are Germans Christian Christner who has 1,367,000 and Steffen “Goose” Sontheimer with 1,354,000.

Talk about the Sontheimer, then he is currently leading the Poker Masters with a cash prize of $1,221,000 by making three final tables this week, the final table include, winning Event #2. In the event if he managed to finish in the second place. Then he will lock up Purple Jacket™ of The Poker Masters just like Holz, who finished as runner-up to him for $550,000, as well as Schillhabel, who has the earnings of $306,000 and wouldn’t be able to overtake him.
The final table, round up Stefan Schillhabel to 1,218,000, Justin Bonomo to 1,050,000, and Seth Davies in 740,000.

Final Table Event #5: $100,000 NLHE

• First, Justin Bonomo, from USA 1,050,000.

• Second, Steffen Sontheimer from Germany, 1,354,000.

• Third, Seth Davies from USA, 740,000.

• Fourth, Fedor Holz from Germany, 1,471,000.

• Fifth, Christian Christner from Germany, 1,367,000.

• Sixth, Stefan Schillhabel from Germany, 1,218,000.

Second day of the event saw 15 players returning to action. Byron Kaverman jumped into action at the beginning of Level 10. Early on, to bust first Dan Shak ran jacks into the kings of Christner and he was followed by Dan Smith, who failed to get there in response to two pair of Sontheimer.

Texas Card House A New Buzz In Northwest Austin

Be it any night in the shopping center of Northwest Austin, one could win big playing poker or wipe out.

At the Texas Card House the newest one, thousands of dollars could be seen on the line each night, here the atmosphere remains just a casino poker room.

Sam Von Kennel the founder of the Texas Card House said “People don’t take it as true, they don’t believe it still. I heard some horror stories regarding underground poker games and then I saw a great business opportunity here. It is almost two and half years, I opened the Texas Card House in South Austin, and it is doing a great business here.”

Kennel was in legislative aid years back and thus he know it very well how to handle the licensing committee of state, which handles gaming.

Speaking about this, Kennel said “This game is a rake free game, a tip free game. And inside the Texas Card House club, it doesn’t matter for what amount are you planning for one dollar or a million dollar, the game is all legal.”

The success of this club in the South Austin will let the expansion of North Austin. This is the place Kennel stay or most of the pokers stay.

The setup of the Texas Card House has been just like a country club; one has to pay a membership fee, which starts from ten dollars to get entry into the club and after that one is charged for the amount of time, he has spent in the club. No cut on the pot gambled by a person is taken by the club.

Owner of the club Ryan Crow said, “Everything that happens in the club remains legal, we try hard to ensure this.”

Cada Wins PokerStars Sunday Warm-Up

Joe Cada triumphed in the Sunday Warm-Up at PokerStars $215 event.

He won the event in an exciting manner and this win is not the first one in the kitty of Cada. He has won the main event of the World Series of Poker and after winning this event Cada became has become the champion of online poker once again.

Cada is from Canada and in the event he competed in the field of 1,917 participants. This was the Warm-Up match before the actual event. And in the match, Cada defeated all the participants and came out as the clear winner. With this win, Cada boost his overall ranking to by an impressive $57,441.39 total.

This weekend, the largest online score went to “myleftfoot33” of Ireland. Winning the Sunday Million was the reason for the same. By beating the 5,234 participants, the player from the Ireland converted his $215 into $148,934.52. Out of the nine finalists, five hailed either from the Ireland or United Kingdom. This includes runner-up of the event “donkey310”. He collected the winning amount of $104,515.09 from the event.

PokerStars Had Big Scores from Some Other Players As well.

The name of players is
• The winner of the $109 Sunday Starter for $6,558.60, name of the winner is “Progotich”.
• The winner of the $109 Sunday Kickoff for $19,572.93, name of the winner is “JeremiieLand”.
• The winner of the $215 Weekender for $9,215.75, name of the winner is “GregX89X”.
• The winner of the big $109 for $26,402.41, the name of the winner is “flipmm”.
• The winner of the $700 Super-Sized Sunday for $39,190.35, the name of the winner is Apostolis “apostolis20” Bechrakis.
• The winner of the $1,050 Sunday Grand NLHE for $47,664.07, name of the winner is “baeks22”.
• The winner of the $1,050 Sunday Grand PLO in $31,485.37, name of the winner is Brian “brianm15” England.

PartyPoker New Irish Ambassador

PartyPoker has its presence in Ireland, where it is trying to increase its operations by signing on a new brand ambassador.

That is part of the latest news on this website who has signed on Padraig Parkinson as the brand ambassador for the country portal.

Padraig is known as a pro as well as the veteran player in poker. Hence, befittingly he has been signed on to be brand ambassador for the country by PartyPoker. There is already a team of brand ambassadors of the company such as Boris Becker, Mike Sexton, Jackie Glazier, Carl Froch, Sam Trickett, Tony Dunst, Beata Jambrik, Roberto Romanello and others.

The company had already planned to expand its operations in this country and this is one of the attempts taken up that becomes operational this year. The website will also be planning exciting new events so that its brand image is in the forefront again. It wishes to gain a prominent image in the competitive online poker scene in this country as well as in other places where it has a presence.

Towards that end the website has been signing on new brand ambassadors who will help it penetrate different market segments and appeal to different segments of people. Hence, it does not restrict itself to picking up pro players in the poker community alone but also to look at celebrities in other fields and sports as well.

Padraig Parkinson in the Irish circuit of poker is a well known figure, having won over a million in several live tournaments that he has participated in. As a brand ambassador of the company he would be representing the country at Grand Prix Cork, which would be taking place at the Macau Sporting Club in Cork, Ireland. He will then move to casino Dusk Till Dawn where he would be taking part in games where six million is guaranteed.

Poker Legalization In Dutch In Limbo

Lower house of Dutch gave green signal to online gambling games that include poker in July 2016.

And the management committee members of the game were hopeful that the bill will turn into law by the year 2017 and it would be easier for people to play games legally.

However, before turning a bill into law, lower house of Dutch asked the state secretary to answer some crucial questions with regard to the future of online gambling game in the country. In the absence of answer form state secretary, the bill has not been brought for voting in the assembly.

On the question among all that has been raised by the lower house of Dutch is the 80 percent Dutch poker players will comply with rule of holding license to play games on online poker sites. This question has relevance because if the player will hold license, then they have to pay higher taxes to government of the Dutch. Moreover, there is no system available that will track each and every IP address from which poker has been played to track the defaulters. Also, the regulatory body is incapable of blocking DNS and IP addresses of poker sites that are from outside Dutch.

The other question asked to state secretary with regards to legalization of online gambling is why only online gambling should be legalized why not an online lottery game. Also, why the taxes of online gambling should be higher land-based gambling games? The predecessors have suggested lower tax rates for online poker game. The bill has suggested tax rates of 20 percent. It’s 9 percent lower than tax rates what players of land-based poker have to give.

People associated with game have raised their voice against this disparity and asked for common tax rates for both online and land-based poker players.

Multi Table Tournaments In Vogue

With multi table tournaments coming into vogue, there are certain tips that one needs to follow.

When you are being part of a poker tournament, it is important to understand the structure of the game. Accordingly, one should adjust their strategies to a fast or a slow pace.

One of the features of poker is that it can be played in a variety of ways. Not only are there several variants of the game, but there are several ways of playing the different games. Players can choose to play with any stake, they wish to which can vary from matchsticks to several millions. They could also choose different formats among tournaments and cash games.

Tournament poker has come out in recent times as a favored format. Many like the multi table tournament as well. Within this structure you will find different formats that could include freeze outs that are only a single entry for every player or re-buy or re-entry for players, shorthanded, full ring or shootout tournaments. There are several buy-ins possible as well as small field tournaments as well.

In a multi table tournament the speed at which the tournament is played is often decided by the structure of the game. In cash games the blinds remain the same. However, there are more blinds added in MTTs as well as antes. The ante or blind increases will make a tournament a slow or a fast structure. In general the speed at which a multi table tournament is played is determined by the big blinds or chip stacks and their depth. The length of the levels also determines the speed of a tournament. If you wish to judge the speed of a tournament simply look at the chip stacks in order to understand the big blinds that every player has to encounter.

Dietrich Fast wins World Poker Tour L.A. Poker Classic US$ 10000 Main Event

Dietrich Fast of Germany won the World Poker Tour L.A. Poker Classic US$ 10000 Main Event for US$ 1000800, that includes a US $15000 seat into World Poker Tour Tournament of Champions.

He left behind a pack of 515 poker players for by far his biggest career live cash. After biggest a gold bracelet at World Series of Poker Europe’s €550 Oktoberfest event, Fast is just one leg away from the poker’s triple crown, requiring a European Poker Tour honor to fill out the feat.

To get his win at the World Poker Tour, Fast had to beat Mike Shariati in a drawn-out heads-up game. Mike was looking for his 2nd World Poker Tour title inside of a year after taking down Legends of Poker Main Event earlier in August for US$ 675942.

The event paid out sixty-three spots, including a series of well-known names. Former World Poker Tour champions Phil Laak (54th), Scott Clements (63rd), James Calderaro (42nd), Will Failla (21st), Dylan Wilkerson (22nd), John Hennigan (7th) and Matthew Lapossie (19th), all cashed, as did World Series of Poker Main Event winners Ryan Riess (15th) and Joe McKeehen (45th).

The remaining 6 poker players were bunched tightly, as per live updates, with the elision of World Series of Poker bracelet winner Anthony “holdplz” Spinella, who had ninety-three big blinds with others else sitting between forty-five and sixty-six.

Charity poker event to take place in Chicago

The eleventh annual No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em Tournament to take place at Montgomery Club is back to raise fund for Children’s Oncology Services. The event also offers a Grand Prize of a seat in World Series of Poker Main Event 2016.

In an attempt to promote selflessness this year, we are glad to inform you about the eleventh annual No-Limit Texas Hold ‘Em tournament happening on 18th February, at Montgomery Club, Chicago to help children who are diagnosed with cancer.

raised from the event will go to Children’s Oncology
Services, which is a non-profit large-hearted organization that commits its resources to ameliorating the quality of life of kids diagnosed with cancer. Overall, around US$ 15000 in prizes would be handed with the Grand Prize of a seat at World Series of Poker Main Event 2016 in sin city Las Vegas offering one lucky player an opportunity to parlay their donation into a multi-million dollar payday.

The fee to participate in the event is US$ 275 with the scope to rebuy as well as add on before the beginning of Level 7. For a US$ 75 fee, lookers could also lend to a worthy cause and relish the open bar and buffet. For US$ 650, players could be a part of the High Roller Satellite that would place 2 players at the Final Table along with a chip stack tantamount to that of the 4th highest chip stack at the table.

Russian wins $1,000,000 On PokerStars under six minutes

A new millionaire was born on April 22, when “CccpVodka”, the online poker player from Russia earned $1 million with a $5 buy-in in the Spin & Go on PokerStars. Right from the time the Russian sat with fellow pokers players “partalios” from Greece and “shooLarr” another Russian and discovered that there is prize money of $1.2 million at stake, he took just 5 seconds and 59 seconds to win by setting a blitzing pace. A millionaire was crowned!

The Greek “Partalios” took the second place while the Russian “shooLarr” settled for the third, and a $100, 000 consolation prizes was what offered to both. The winner is also the first millionaire created by “PokerStars Makes Millionaires”, the recently launched poker promotion campaign. CccpVodka thus became the 23rd poker players to win earnings of $1 million in the coveted past of poker tournaments online.

Tyson “POTTERPOKER” Marks is the biggest such winner till date and he won the huge $2,278,098 prize money when he stood first in the 2010 World Championship of Poker Main Event held online. Well, CccpVodka is not the first Russian to bring $1 million to his country as another Russian poker player intricately named “sss66666” won $1 million in January in a Spin & Go play on PokerStars. But he was not as fast as CccpVodka as he consumed 13 minutes and 26 seconds to overwhelm the other two sitting with him. However it was a remarkable win for the Russian.

You can also become a millionaire like him if PokerStars operates legally in your country, for that you will visit PokerStars Makes Millionaires promotional page and get more details. The poker room is planning to create five more millionaires via various poker events by May. These events would include the Spring Championship of Online Poker Main Event (High) on May 24, the $1 million Spin & Go tournaments, and the All-in Shootout Deposit Raffle. These tournaments are scheduled between May 2 and May 22.